art & design shop

satisFACTORY was born as a curated pop-up shop in 2013. From 2013-2016 it functioned as a cross-disciplinary nomadic brand that gathered selected works of local artists, culinary artisans and designers with unique, well-marketed and innovative concepts. In 2017, we opened the shop as a permanent space designated towards high quality, yet accesible local art and design. We seek to strengthen Latin American local economies through the arts by promoting and selling local designer goods.

We are located in Barrio Aranjuez, walking distance from downtown San José.

STYLE – We personally select and work with many of the artists and designers whose work we sell.  Our goal is to create a sense of community amongst those that work or collaborate with our shop.

We try to keep it in constant evolution and change. Every 3 months we rotate our products and brands depending on their demand and the release of new collections. There are many things you might only find once, or products that are made in limited collections that will never again be repeated. There is value in the uniqueness and design experimentation process that accompanies the artists and designers we select. Many of the designers produce locally or within Latin America, and are not seeking mass production, but instead sustainable fashion.